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About us

On the handball court they were unstoppable, and when the business idea of Campall came along, Heidi and Silje did what they have done many times before, buckled up and went all in.

Campall was established in December 2021, based on the vision that it should be easy to discover Norway - through camping. In addition to handball, Heidi and Silje have always had a passion for camping.

They have both been camping for a long time. Travelled a lot. Experienced a great deal. As a result of several trips, the idea kept growing, and became more and more realistic.

Eventually the two teachers decided to become entrepreneurs to work full time with their idea.

Heidi and Silje have found a revolutionary solution to eliminate waiting for a camping spot, making it easier to find information, as well as planning and booking the perfect camping trip. A solution free from frustration and queues, gives more time to camp and enjoy the holiday.

To experience Norway by camping should be easy - easy for both camping guests and the camping sites. Campall is the unique solution to make this possible.

Heidi and Silje have used their abilities, courage and will to achieve goals before - now they are doing it again - only this time to please all of us who love camping.


  • ITSA Start - Valide 2021
  • Winner of Grunderlab - Innovation Dock 2022
  • Winner of Garderobemillionen - Innovation Dock 2023
  • Finalist in GrunderAcademy - Valide 2023

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